New Restaurant: The Jazzy Crab….

The Jazzy Crab will open its first location in Columbus on Sidney Simons Blvd next
month bringing not only a new flair of seafood flavors to the city, but also live jazz bands each night.

COLUMBUS, GA: The name says it all, The Jazzy Crab. A unique new restaurant heading to The Landings shopping center in Columbus is set to bring a mixture of Atlanta style dining with classic Cajun and seafood style dishes to Columbus, all while allowing diners at the family friendly restaurant to enjoy the smooth sounds of live jazz while enjoying their meal.

Mario McMichael is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and the CEO of Ginsaw Food Group. The Atlanta-based company is the parent organization behind brands such as Uncle Joe’s BBQ in the Atlanta area. Ginsaw Food Group has now set their eyes on markets beyond the Interstate 285 perimeter and will make their first expansion outside of Metro Atlanta into the Columbus area with a brand new brand under their umbrella.

According to McMichael, Ginsaw Food Group will open The Jazzy Crab at 5300 Sidney Simons Blvd in Columbus. The restaurant will be going into the former location of Ben’s Chophouse prior to it moving to Veterans Parkway in Columbus. McMichael notes that the history of Ben’s Chophouse at that location played a role in the selection of the property.

“When Ben’s Chophouse moved many neighborhood residents felt as though their chophouse had moved. What I have learned in the restaurant business is that once you are successful in an area it belongs to that community as well as yourself,” said McMichael.

The goal of The Jazzy Crab is to be a family friendly restaurant that is open to everyone in the Columbus area. Aside from a diverse menu that will be made up mostly seafood items and crab boils the restaurant also plans to have a live jazz band after 9:00 p.m. on the majority of nights each week. There will also be numerous events in the works at The Jazzy Crab to include wine tastings and martini nights.

The establishment will also have areas for private parties once it opens. McMichael also notes that the band may not be on the menu for everyone so the restaurant will be divided into two sections that can be separated by closing doors to not interfere with families who are wishing to enjoy their dining experience without the music.

While McMichael is looking to fill a void in the area he sees a lot of potential in the Columbus market. “I believe Columbus is a gold mine. This is Georgia’s best kept secret and it is on the cusp of a major growth boom,” says McMichael while hinting at the enormous opportunity he sees in the Columbus market.

McMichael started his entrepreneurial endeavors in the early 2000’s, when he became engaged and invested in Atlanta’s booming real estate market prior to the 2008 real estate crisis. The native born Atlanta resident notes he did take a hit when things went down in the market, but it did not stop his entrepreneurial goals.

McMichael attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, shortly after completion he became engaged in management at a popular Atlanta-area restaurant called Weezy’s. The restaurant was owned by Sanford K. Sanford, the son of Isabel Sanford, who was known for her role on the hit 1970’s and 1980’s television series, The Jeffersons.

Using the skills he obtained working at Weezy’s McMichael moved forward and engaged in his entrepreneurial goals once again. The skills obtained by McMichael are being complimented by his partners in the Columbus endeavor Edward Fulton. Fulton has a strong background in the management of restaurants as well and will bring those skills to The Jazzy Crab in Columbus.

McMichael notes that Ginsaw Food Group actually has strong ties to the Chattahoochee Valley in its roots. He notes the company is named after a woman that he was dating who was living at Fort Benning. The combination of her first and middle name come up to symbolize Ginsaw. He notes that she actually introduced him to the location on Sidney Simons Blvd and the Columbus community. McMichael notes one thing he really loves about the Columbus area is its strong family friendly atmosphere and hopes to carry that over into The Jazzy Crab location in Columbus.

According to McMichael the store is pushing for an opening day of May 30, 2019. One of the main things they are awaiting is the liquor license for the business. Hiring for the business is expected to start next week. McMichael notes that he has received more than 200 applicants and will initially hire between 20-30 individuals at the Columbus location.

Excitement is already in the air for the business as its Facebook page has already gained more than 1,100 followers and hints almost daily about the dishes that will be arriving at the opening of the new business. McMichael has not mentioned if there are any plans to bring other concepts to the Columbus market, but he does note that there is a lot of potential in the area for growth. He does note that The Jazzy Crab has plans to be a community engaged business and donate a portion of the income it earns to a local charity, which has not yet been named.

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