Columbus: Population Growth ???

COLUMBUS, GA: The United States Census Bureau released its 2018 population estimates for some cities and counties last week. The numbers released for Columbus-Muscogee County show the Fountain City gained population in 2018 for the first time since 2013.

According to data from the United States Census Bureau estimates, the population of Columbus was recorded at 194,160 as of July 1, 2018. That number is up 1.9% from the official census held in 2010. Columbus has seen declining population figures since 2013 when the city had a population of 202,824 residents.

Columbus saw its lowest population numbers in 2017 since the 2010 census. The population of Columbus in the official census in 2010 was recorded at 189,885. In 2017, the city had fallen to 194,058 residents. The population of Columbus is known to fluctuate at times due to deployments and realignments at Fort Benning.

According to the census data released, Columbus is ranked as the third largest city in Georgia falling only behind Atlanta and Augusta-Richmond County. The city of Augusta consolidated with Richmond County in 1996 to surpass Columbus in population as Georgia’s second largest city. The titles of Georgia’s second largest has been back and forth between Columbus and Augusta over the past 20 years. The latest estimates put Augusta’s population above Columbus’ at 201,554 residents.

Additional information revealed in the latest estimates from the census bureau show Columbus’ largest racial makeup is now African American. African American citizens make up 45.6% of Columbus’ population compared to white citizens making up 44.5% of the population of Columbus.

The latest numbers also reveal that Columbus is a largely educated city. According to census data 87.4% of residents living in the city of Columbus have at least a high school diploma. The data also shows that 26.0% of residents in Columbus over the age of 25 have a Bachelors Degree or higher. Similar data in 2012 showed that 84.7% of Columbus residents had a high school diploma or higher. The number of residents in Columbus in 2012 with a Bachelors Degree or higher was 22.1%.

While population growth in Columbus has been declining over the past four-years in the urban core of Columbus. The western suburbs of Lee and Russell County, Alabama have been among the fastest growing population centers in the state of Alabama. The latest numbers show that Lee County, Alabama is around 31,000 residents behind the city of Columbus in population numbers.

The official United States Census will be held in 2020. As the census approaches reminders are now coming out about the importance of the census. Accurate census numbers help to give a snapshot of America and determine how congressional seats are apportioned, how state and federal dollars are distributed, and how business chose to locate to communities. The close population between Columbus and Augusta can signify huge differences in dollars for the two cities based on population numbers.


2018: 194,160
2017: 194,058
2014: 200,714
2013: 202,824
2012: 199,051
2011: 195,332
2010: 189,885

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